Rocking Horses


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Rocking Horses


Our award-winning rocking horses for babies, toddlers and children are sure to captivate the hearts and minds of all ages. Each one eagerly awaits to gallop gleefully into your nursery, playroom, bedroom, or living area. With a range of stylish designs to choose from, we are certain you will find the perfect rocking horse for your little one.


Watch your child’s imagination run free as they gently rock on one of our beautiful stallions! From luxury Heritage Stable rockers such as Chester & Fred, to the fun printed horses like our Pixie & Fluff. Each one guaranteed to delight your little one for years to come, regardless of which horse you choose.


At Little Bird Told Me, safety and comfort are our top priorities. All our toys are compliant with UK, European and US toy safety standards. Made using the finest materials, each design is soft and tactile, yet strong and durable. This ensures that they withstand the test of time and that you can pass them on from generation to generation.


Our rocking horses for toddlers and babies are not just sources of entertainment. They play a vital role in the early development of your child. Rocking activities promote balance, coordination, and sensory development, nurturing essential motor skills. Moreover, as children engage with their rocking horse, their imaginations come alive, developing creativity and storytelling abilities.


To delve deeper into the advantages that our rocking horses offer, visit our blog The Benefits of Rocking Horses. Exploring the developmental benefits, you’ll discover why our rocking toys are integral tools for growth and imagination.


Across the collection, we offer three sizes according to age recommendation. These include: babies from 9 months, toddlers from 12 months and children from 18 months.


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