Top Christmas Toys 2023

The festive season is here, and there’s nothing quite as heartwarming as celebrating your baby’s first Christmas. At Little Bird Told Me, we understand the significance of this unique milestone. To help you choose the perfect gift for this special occasion, we’ve created a list of 5 gift suggestions that will not only bring joy to your little one but also create cherished memories for a lifetime. Our Rocking Horses, Ride On Toys and Baby Walkers for 1 year olds come beautifully presented in an eco-friendly gift box with a carry handle, making them an ideal gift for your little one.


No batteries are required for any of our toys!


So, let’s dive into the Christmas spirit and explore the perfect gifts for your baby’s first Christmas…


Mishka Dog Baby Walker


First up we have Mishka Dog Baby Walker, supporting little ones as they take their first steps, Mishka the Husky Dog is the perfect pup for little ones finding their feet this Christmas.


With his soft silver grey and white plush coat and his beautiful blue eyes, little ones will delight in taking him for a walk. For added fun, there’s room on his back to hop on and enjoy the ride. The perfect way to spend this Christmas day with screen-free play and quality family time.


For those who love Mishka Dog, he’s also available as a Pull Along Toy.


Norbert Rocking Donkey

Little Donkey… what better gift to give this Christmas other than your child’s very own rocking donkey! Available in 2 sizes Norbert Rocking Donkey is suitable for toddlers aged 9mth+ and 12mths+.


He features a soft scrunchy velour mane and tail with a super soft tufted coat and the cutest sticky-up ears! What’s not to love…


Norbert is also available also Pull Along Toy.


Stirling & Mac Rocking Horse

The most precious gift to give this Christmas is a Heritage Stable Rocking Horse. These are classic gift that will become a family heirloom. We can’t think of a better way to unwrap the most magical memories this Christmas than with our beautiful Stirling & Mac Rocking Horse.


Featuring a stunning grey herringbone fabric complete with a matching leatherette bridle and saddle. Inside his pocket is his friend Mac, a cuddly little bear that likes to come along for the ride, creating hours of captivating play.


Stirling is also available in a larger size for children aged 18months+ (please note the little buddy Mac Bear is not included with this). And for those who would love to take Stirling out and about, he’s also available as a Pull Along Toy.


Hubert Animal Ride On

Next up, we have the cheekiest chappie… Hubert Highland Cow Ride On Toy! This fun wheeled ride on toy is sure to light up any child’s face on Christmas morning. He’s the best toy for energetic one year olds ready for fun and adventure. They can scoot about the house on Hubert and let their imagination run free.


Hubert is also available as a Pull Along Toy.


Dexter Dog Pull Along Toy

Last but certainly not least, we have the perfect under £30 gift for little ones this Christmas! Our range of pull along toys have removable wheels making these 2-in-1 toys with additional play value. Dexter Dog is the cutest Labrador puppy ready to be loved by children. He’s not only the sweetest character he also includes crinkly ears for tactile stimulation and removeable wheels transform him from a pull along toy into a huggable friend.


Dexter Dog is not just for Christmas – he’ll be your little one’s best friend for years to come!


Make this festive season truly unforgettable with Little Bird Told Me. Explore the rest of our range of toys designed to bring smiles to little faces this Christmas!