The Magic of Screen-Free Play

The Magic of Screen-Free Play 

In a world where digital screens are all around us, its easy to forget the simple joys and benefits of good old-fashioned play. Here at Little Bird Told Me, we’re on a mission to bring back imaginative, interactive, physical play to little ones everywhere.

Embark on a Journey Beyond the Screen

From timeless rocking horses to adventurous baby walkers and innovative ride-on toys, our toys are gateways to a world of adventure, learning, and growth. Let’s explore why screen-free play is not just beneficial but essential for our little ones.

Sparking Imagination and Creativity

Little Bird Told Me toys invite children to create their own stories using their imagination. For example, a rocking horse isn’t just a riding toy; to the avid little adventurer it’s a noble steed galloping through enchanted forests or a brave companion on a quest for hidden treasures. This open-ended play nurtures creativity and encourages a curious mind.

Physical Development 

Climbing aboard a ride-on toy or taking a rocking horse for a ride isn’t just fun, it’s a vital stage of physical development. These activities promote balance and help develop coordination and motor skills. They’re the playful version of a gym session for our little ones, helping to build physical confidence, all while having fun!

Enhancing Social and Emotional Skills 

Our toys are first and foremost huggable friends for your little one to cherish and love. They help to develop close bonds which is a wonderful way for your child to explore their emotions and feelings. What’s more, screen-free play often involves other children or family members, making it a fantastic way for little ones to learn social skills such as sharing, cooperation, and empathy. Playing with our toys encourages kids of all ages to communicate their ideas, express their feelings, and understand others, laying the foundation for strong emotional intelligence.

Building Attention Spans and Problem-Solving Skills

In a click-and-move-on digital age, the nature of screen-free play is a welcome change. It teaches patience and focus, as children become engrossed in their imaginative worlds. Figuring out how to navigate their toys through obstacles or invent new games also sharpens problem-solving abilities. These are skills that will benefit them far beyond playtime.


Growing Family Bonds

When screens are off, the magic of family time turns on! Playing together with interactive toys creates cherished memories and strengthens bonds. It’s a time for laughter, learning, exploration and love – a precious time where families connect. We can’t think of anything more beautiful. Can you?


Let’s Create a Screen-Free Wonderland! By embracing the wonders of screen-free play, we’re not just providing our children with entertainment; we’re gifting them a childhood filled with joy, growth, opportunity and boundless imagination. So, let’s turn off those screens and open the door to a world where play is the path to discovery and let imaginations run free…


Let’s create a fun for our little ones, one toy at a time. Why not start with a rocking horse, ride-on toy, baby walker or pull along toy from Little Bird Told Me?!