Pull Along Toys for Toddlers


Pull Along Toys stand out as timeless classics, capturing the imaginations of babies, toddlers and young children alike. At Little Bird told Me, ours are the perfect gift for little ones. Choose from our collection of delightful soft toys, carefully crafted to be perfect companions for the youngest members of your family. We’re certain they will become treasured friends that will accompany your little ones on their journey of discovery and growth. 


Each design features soft tactile fabrics, carefully chosen to provide a touchy-feely goodness that engages the senses. These fabrics feel nice on small fingers and are important for the sensory development of babies and young children. Exploring the textures enhances cognitive and tactile skills. This sets the foundation for their developmental journey.


What sets our toys apart is their ability to transform. Each one comes with removable wooden wheels, turning them into huggable friends ready for interactive play. The wobbly, endearing movements of these toys not only entertain but also assist in refining motor skills. Toddlers enhance their physical skills such as coordination and dexterity through play and learning with their new friends.


While our cuddly pull along dogs are undeniably adorable, we understand that every child has unique preferences. That’s why our collection extends far beyond dogs, catering to a variety of tastes. For those enchanted by the grace of Stirling pull along horse, the charm of Norbert the donkey, or the allure of Hubert the highland cow toy, we have a delightful selection of push pull along toys to choose from. The diversity in our offering ensures that every child can find their perfect companion to captivate their heart.


Our toys play a vital role in the milestone of little ones finding their feet. Encouraging little ones to push, pull, and interact with them not only enhances their physical strength but also instils a sense of confidence and achievement.


As they navigate their toys across different terrains, they learn about balance, movement, and space, laying the groundwork for more complex motor skills. Through these toys, children also grasp the basics of cause and effect, understanding that their actions lead to movements. This understanding is foundational, forming the basis for problem-solving skills and cognitive development.


These unique toys have so many developmental benefits, which you can read about by visiting our blog.


We also recommend exploring our range of Baby Walkers, consisting of cute and cuddly push along dogs. As with our Pull Along Toys, they are gateways to a world of imagination and growth. Between the ranges, our baby toys are a great way to encourage little ones to find their feet – with their best friend with them every step of the way!