Product Safety

At Little Bird Told Me, our products are our passion and it’s our responsibility to make sure they bring joy to both children and adults alike. When you buy one of our products we don’t just want to fulfil your expectations, we want to surpass them. So how do we do that?

Well firstly, we work tirelessly to be sure that our products do exactly what we say they will. Each product is designed and developed to offer your little one lots of interactive fun, with quality being at the very heart of our efforts.

But even more important to us is the safety of your little one. Each and every product is subject to an in house technical safety assessment during the product development process and when we’re certain we’ve developed something that’s safe for use, it’s then passed onto registered independent test laboratories for a full safety assessment. So you can be assured that all our products are tested and certified to be in full compliance with UK, European and USA safety standards and relevant safety directives.

It’s true that we’re committed to ensure that your purchase is made well and a joy to play with. But we make extra sure it’s safe too. In other words, you could say we’re just doing our job.

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