Baby Walkers for Toddlers


Step into a world of developmental and imaginative play with our award-winning selection of Baby Walkers for toddlers. Designed to ignite joy and foster growth, our push walkers are a true delight for little ones.


Our push-along toy dogs have a strong wooden frame and a cosy, soft body that feels warm and comforting. Furthermore, each lovable pup is ready to embark on countless adventures with your little explorer!


Reaching 12 months and beyond, let one of our playful pups become a trusty companion for your treasured toddler’s journey ahead. Our baby walkers feature a supportive handlebar for little hands to hold. Rubber wheels also provide grip and stability, making them a perfect partner for your little one to take their first steps. As little ones propel their baby walker with wheels forward, they will develop their balance, coordination, and leg strength.


Yet, our baby walkers offer more than just physical support – they are also the embodiment of fun and fascination! Each push walker transforms a walk into an adventure engaging your little one’s imagination. This also hones their emotional development as they interact with their playful pup exploring the world around them.


Each baby walker with wheels features crinkly ears and squeakers in their tails. These features are designed to ignite your toddler’s curiosity and provide tactile and auditory stimulation. Learn more about the benefits of Push Along Dog Baby Walkers.


However, there is still a lot more to discover at Little Bird told Me! You will find a world of enchantment beyond activity walkers. Immerse your child in the timeless allure of rocking horses, where classic charm and contemporary prints collide. Our rocking horses are not just toys for children, but also beloved friends that they can imagine going on adventures with.


For those who love cuddly companions, we also recommend exploring our range of pull along toys. From cute animal characters to loyal dogs, these cuddly friends bring extra love and fun to your child’s playtime. Let the fun-filled adventures begin!




How do our baby walkers differ from others?


Traditional baby walkers feature a seat for babies to sit in, a table and a wide base that has wheels. They’re designed to allow the baby’s feet to touch the ground, using their legs to move themselves.


Our baby walkers are different. They offer a safer alternative to sit-in baby walkers; they are push-toy baby walkers. Once your little one has developed their core motor skills and are learning to walk, our walkers are push toys that offer a sturdy wooden frame and supportive handle that will help to encourage early walkers to practice their steps. What’s more, they are characterful playful pups that make huggable friends that your little one will cherish and love to play with.


Are our baby walkers safe to use?


Our Baby Walkers are tested by independent test laboratories to ensure they meet all current safety standards. When looking for a baby walker for your little one, we would advise the following:


  • Look for a push toy baby walker that meets current safety standards.
  • Make sure your toy of choice is sturdy and well made, with a bar or handle for your child to hold on to.
  • Check that your toy is weighted and won’t tip over during use.
  • Look for rubber tyres on wheels that will help to provide grip.


Once you have made your purchase, to ensure the safety of your little one, please bear in mind that adult supervision is always necessary when allowing your baby or toddler to play with a toy with wheels. Furthermore, we strongly suggest baby-proofing your home by blocking off stairs and uneven surfaces and restrict access to potentially hazardous areas.


What are the benefits of our baby walkers?


First steps: our playful pups encourage and support your little ones as they take their first steps.


Inspiring growth and development: each of our push-toy walkers develops your little ones fine and gross motor skills and builds their confidence and balance as they play.


Screen-free active play: our products offer interactive play, which is not only great for the imagination but keeps little ones active too!